What Is Mind-Body Medicine?

Mind Body Medicine

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In the past two-hundred years science and technology has seen exponential growth. Every decade a new breakthrough is made. People all over the world are being saved from terrible diseases all thanks to these breakthroughs. But what if there was a treatment option that slipped by, a type of medicine that people have used for thousands of years to cure all kinds of diseases and live a better life? It’s not a fantasy, it’s called mind-body medicine and it is changing the way people look at health.

As much as modern medicine has evolved it still has its limitations. You can’t cure every single problem with pills, surgery, etc. Some problems need to be looked at from a different angle. That is where mind-body medicine comes in. It is a unique form of medicine that looks at treatment of the whole body. They don’t just target specific parts of the body like the heart, lungs or brain. They see the whole system and treat it accordingly.

Mind-body medicine has been around for a long time. It was only a few hundred years ago that doctors started treating the mind and body as separate entities. Although there is indeed validity to this there are still some drawbacks. For problems like depression and stress it can be hard to cure the root cause. Unlike a headache, stress is not as tangible. Therefore giving someone medication isn’t always the answer.

A mind-body practitioner will utilize specific relaxations techniques like meditation, journaling, tai-chi, chi-gong, journaling, art therapy and aroma therapy to help alleviate stress. Each of these techniques is well-known and has its own merit.

In the mid-seventies a man by the name of Dr. Benson from Harvard Medical School started to study mind-body medicine to see its true effects on people. He found through extensive research that relaxation techniques like meditation improve people’s health in all aspects. With that evidence the world of mind-body medicine has become more and more popular.

As the world continues to evolve mind-body medicine will continue to grow. Eastern medicine practices like meditation and yoga have already become widespread in the western world. To fully heal people and make new strides in science eastern and western medicine must come together to act as one.

That is the direction the world is headed in and renowned integrative medicine practitioner Dr. Jorge Bordenave knows this. That is why he has embraced mind-body medicine and utilizes its tactics to heal people of their most troubling problems. Dr. Jorge Bordenave is located in Miami, Florida and works diligently to help people using a holistic approach.

With treatment from Dr. Bordenave you can rest easy as he focuses on treating the root causes of your health problems. No more medications and no more stress. Let Dr. Bordenave be the change you have been looking for.  Embrace mind-body medicine and live a better life.

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