What You REALLY Need to Know about Getting Started with Integrative Medicine

IM 12 13 12So you’ve researched it, mulled it over and are now ready to make some major changes in your life.  You’ve decided that integrative medicine is going to be a critical part of making such changes.  Now what?  If you’re stumped, this article covers everything you need to know to prepare for your first appointment.


Integrative Medicine: Everything You Need to Know About Your First Visit

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When you decide to visit an Integrative Medicine practitioner for your initial appointment, there are some steps that you must take before the visit to make it go smoother and get better results. Your initial visit to the Integrative Medicine practitioner will cover everything necessary to establish a baseline for your Integrative Medicine treatment. Once your first visit is completed, your Integrative Medicine practitioner(s) will then analyze your medical records and information gathered from speaking with you during the visit to determine a health care plan for future visits. Your initial visit to the Integrative Medicine practitioner’s office is highly important and has many implications for the rest of your treatment for current and future medical needs.

Before you see your Integrative medical practitioner in person, there are some important and necessary steps to complete. Speak with all doctors, hospitals and related medical professionals to obtain medical records (lab reports, doctor’s notes, prescriptions records, etc.). You will need to document your personal and genetic history of diseases, chronic health conditions, etc. Along with your prescription medical records that your current practitioners have prescribed for you, you should document all supplements and herbs that you take and for what reason. Documenting what your currently ingest is good to let your Integrative Medicine practitioner understand what you are taking and to double check your medical records. Ideally, supplying as much of this as possible before your initial visit is ideal because your Integrative Medicine practitioner can review your records and personal information and ask any necessary investigatory questions.

The next step is to attend your appointment at your Integrative Medicine practitioner’s office. During your first visit, your doctor will follow up and complete their comprehensive review of your baseline health. He or she will speak with you to confirm all of the important details of your medical history – this includes surgeries, past and present major medical conditions, you and your family’s genetic past and any present issues that you are facing. Without establishing your baseline health and any existing chronic or acute health conditions, your doctor will not be able to effectively and efficiently treat you and make appropriate recommendations for your prescriptions, supplements and diet.

After performing a physical evaluation, your Integrative Medicine practitioner will evaluate your diet, supplement and exercise regimen. Based on your current health, diet, supplement regimen and exercise regimen, your Integrative Medicine practitioner will make recommendations based on each factor. Your Integrative Health medicine practitioner may also write prescriptions for the appropriate medication to treat your disease(s) along with modifying your lifestyle choices as well as your nutrition and supplement regimen. Determining your baseline health, along with what your current nutrition and supplement regimen is essential to help your Integrative Medicine practitioner customize your individual treatment program.

After your first visit your Integrative Medicine practitioner will take some time on his or her own to develop a comprehensive or “integrative” approach to your health maintenance plan. Normally, it requires no additional time or interaction with your Integrative Medicine practitioner, unless you want to supply additional medical records. This approach will analyze and synthesize all of the information your doctor has to date on you, your medical records, what you say during the visit and what other physician’s offices might add beyond your medical records. This process will then culminate into a detailed and personalized healthcare plan based on an “Integrative Medicine” approach. You will then have one or many follow-up visits depending on your current health, what you want to accomplish and what you Integrative Medicine practitioner feels is necessary to optimizing your health.

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