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Meet Dr. Jorge Bordenave, a frontrunner in treating all types of cardiovascular diseases and other heart-related conditions. His alternative approaches to true health and personal wellness involves proper diet, positive outlook on top of traditional medicine that he also practices.

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Life Enhancing Treatment

Improving Quality of Life Through Integrative Medicine Florida

Dr. Bordenave is aware that at least 9 out of 10 patients do not divulge their medical history and all of the ailments that they complain about. His alternative is to find out more about the patient's well-being by understanding the psychological, emotional, and spiritual aspects of a patient. This way, he can easily address one's illness and improve the patient's overall health. Dr. Bordenave is adept with a wide variety of methods to improving his patients' lives. His complex background in internal medicine and cardiology to alternative treatments, acupuncture and proper diet, gives him an advantage as an experienced integrative medicine practitioner.

Embracing the Complexity of Life

Each and every patient is different from the next. Thus, the approaches to understanding each patient's health and medical history and background are also different from the other patient. Integrative medicine is a way to understand a person's life and well-being and how it affects another person's life or his whole being altogether. Recognizing this will help lead to the proper treatment of an individual's physical and emotional aspects.

Enjoy True Health

What Is True Health?

A personal outlook helps in attaining true health, not just a person's freedom from sickness or any disease. For most of us, we consider being sick-free is true health when in fact, understanding the limitations of one's physical, emotional and spiritual well-being leads to understanding the best way to avoid physical, emotional and spiritual 'sickness.'

Achieving True Health

Most of those who consider themselves as having true health consider different approaches to their physical ailments. Trained medical practitioner, Dr. Bordenave embraces and understands the codes of traditional medicine. He also understands that true health also requires embracing integrative medicine, which he applies. Integrative medicine acknowledges that a body has the ability to heal itself with the proper assistance of medical practitioners. It recognizes that health is also equivalent to personal fulfillment, a positive outlook and balance in both diet and lifestyle.

A Diet For Life

Promoting Health Through Diet

Alternative medicine promotes proper balance of lifestyle and diet as the best prevention of any illness or disease. Diet, which could contain the correct balance of nutrients, is one of the solutions to proper well-being. A complete mix of nutrients and the avoidance of too much fat, salt or sugar and the appropriate amount of sleep avoid the recurrence of any disease or illness. Dr. Bordenave understands how this works and assists his patients in applying these preventions and accurate methods to promote true health.

Finding the Diet That's Right For You

There are a number of dietary methods out there that have singled out patients as having the same physical, emotional and spiritual attributes. These solutions eventually become problems because each and every individual is different from the other and thus require different dietary plans. Dr. Bordenave first determines an individual's medical background and personal health and lifestyle issues, then he crafts the exact dietary plan that is only designed for a particular individual and not for the whole population. To illustrate, a person with hypertension will be given a diet that lowers his blood pressure while an individual that is suffering from arthritis will be given food that focus on anti-inflammatory properties.

Diet Counseling For Everyone

Dr. Bordenave will personally work with you in finding the right diet that is best for your well-being. He will offer customized dietary and nutrition plans and advice and guide to attaining a healthy life. Call Dr. Jorge Bordenave at (305) 446-2444 and change your life now.

Achieving Both Health and Wellness

Physical Health and Whole Person Wellness

Dr. Bordenave recognizes that physical health is just a part of the whole picture and that true health and wellness is achieved by looking at the whole picture. Total health and wellness requires the coordination of one's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Unlike other medical practices that try to restore health by focusing on the physical aspect of an individual, Dr. Bordenave helps an individual achieve true health and wellness by working on his physical attributes, positive outlook, mental balance and sense of self-worth.

Mind and Body United For Wellness

Dr. Bordenave also embraces the traditional approaches to medicines but he also provides different ways and means to heal an individual as he sees fit. Alternative medicine and alternative therapy that range from acupuncture to relaxation techniques are combined to his traditional practices which eventually provide a holistic and optional health and wellness of the person.


Achieving a healthier you require having a balanced mind, body and spirit. Eventually, your whole community will recognize the positive outlook that your well-being exudes and embraces it.

In order to attain this, integrative medicine applies alternative approaches and conventional medicine and therapies so that you can embrace true health.

The Practitioner of Integrative Medicine Florida:

  • Believes that the healing process is a partnership between the practitioner and the patient.
  • Serves as an advocate of good health and alternative healing
  • Is committed to an individual's personal development and understanding
  • Is dedicated to the promotion of true health, the prevention of sickness and the treatment of disease
  • Understands that to achieve the proper mind, body, spirit and community coordination, a variety of factors are at play.
  • Recognizes that talking to the patient and understanding his lifestyle and his personal background is a good medical practice
  • Maintains a neutral ground on alternative method to for optimal health and wellness
  • Uses both traditional and alternative therapies to properly assist the body in its healing process
  • Uses natural and alternative practices where appropriate

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