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Doctor Jorge Bordenave, is a prominent cardiologist in Florida cardiologist who is happy to have the chance to talk to you about how to treat and prevent cardiovascular disease and/or additional heart disorders. He is also anxious to present his complete person method to attaining wellness and encouraging ideal health. His methods emphasize an entire lifestyle based effort that combines a person's diet, disease prevention, health promotion, and individual wellness. These are all centered on the highest trusted medical evidence that has been improved through a series of comprehensive alternative treatments. These include:

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Life Improving Treatments

Obtaining a Better Life via Florida Integrative Medicine

Doctor Bordenave is devoted to his patients, and goes way more into just treating his patient's physical problems or medical grievances. He also addresses ways to enhance a person's complete life quality for the better. With his talents and skills as an expert integrative medicine doctor, Bordenave is aware of the fact that being able to live a filled and satisfying life necessitates paying attention to physical issues, but in addition, paying attention to a person's mental, emotive, and spiritual facets of their self. In a range from heart issues to internal medicine, to the world of acupuncture, special diets, and other unconventional methods, Doctor Bordenave uses a wide variation of methods to make his patient's lives better.

Acceptance Life's Complexity

Integrative medicine involves much more than merely the health of a patient. It aims to involve their entire life so that they can learn to maintain a good balance in every area in life. Doctor Bordenave understands that a person's physical and emotive characteristics are closely interwoven. If one treats one area of someone's life, then it must also seek to figure out every area of that person's life and how it all works in combination to help them to be healthy, and have a fulfilling life.

Relish in Real Health

What Is Real Health?

A lot of people believe being healthy is merely the lack of an illness or not being sick. If someone is ill, then they must have cancer or the flu or some other disease or issue. In truth, a lot of people who think they are healthy are not enjoying real health at all. They have little aches and pains they have chosen to ignore that they just think are caused by them getting older or due to inheriting something from a genetic family reason. Or, they could have migraines or mood swings and even if it doesn't affect how they function in doing daily tasks, it does make their lives less fulfilling and happy. Perhaps they aren't exactly ill as in having a disease, but they are not experiencing real health either.

Attaining Real Health

A lot of these "not really ill" people Many of the "not sick" among us have tried standard medical approaches to their complaints, and while some receive a measure of relief, many have accepted their current condition as their standard of "health." Board certified in internal medicine and cardiology, Doctor Bordenave is trained in and embraces the tenets of traditional medicine, however he firms believes that in order to have optimal health one requires to going beyond what medicine teaches. Integrative medicine deals with the body's own capacity to heal and thus restore itself under the guidance of trained practitioners. It approaches health from a whole-person perspective that involves not only freedom from illness but also balance in diet, lifestyle, and personal fulfillment.

Lifetime Dieting

Encouraging Health Via Diet

An integrative medicine main view is to prevent sickness and illnesses via living a healthy lifestyle. What we eat is crucial in being healthy and having a general feeling of well-being. If your diet is made up of the correct mix of nutritious foods that help to keep away and fight illnesses and other things like infections, inflammation in the body and oxidation processes, then it will be a commanding aide to attaining and keeping excellent health. In the same way, if your diet has a lot of sugar or fatty food, or doesn't have the right nutrients in it, then you are asking for a life of disease and being unwell. Being a skilled medicine professional, Doctor Bordenave knows just how important a person' diet is for them to be able to fight off illnesses and to attain good health.

Discovering the Right Diet

Doctor Bordenave isn't like all those diet counselors who think there is only one way to solve dietary issues. He believes that the individual's life and health needs must be taken into consideration one person at a time. For instance, a DASH diet plainly is designed to use foods that bring down the blood pressure in people who have hypertension. A diet that is centered on food that fights inflammation can help people who have a disease like arthritis. People, who suffer from heart disease like Arrhythmia, congestive heart failure or enlarged heart, will benefit by eating a Mediterranean diet, and there are many diets based on things like low fat, more fiber and eating tons of fresh fruit and healthy vegetables.

Diet Recommendations For All

Doctor Bordenave provides personal diet and nutrition plans that aid his patients to get on the road to a nutritious diet that will help them build a basis for a long and healthy life. No matter if you have a medical issue that could be aided by eating right or if you just want to stay healthy by eating the right foods for your body, Doctor Bordenave will help you to put together a specially tailored diet just for you. Contact his office by phoning 305-446-2444 and discover how eating right can alter your future.

Attaining Wellness along with Health

A Healthy Body Along With Total Wellness for the Person

As an integrative medicine doctor, Doctor Bordenave knows that being physically healthy is just one step, but not all there is to, achieving real wellness. In order to be truly healthy, totally well, a person must include their mental state, emotional state, physical state and their spiritual state. The majority of medical facilities concentrate only on getting back or keeping up someone's bodily health. However, Doctor Bordenave focuses on attaining true overall wellness for each individual. He does this via a mix of their physical health, psychological insight and attentiveness, optimistic mood and view, their satisfying relations with other people, and their sense of ability and self-esteem.

Mixing the Mind and the Body To Attain Wellness

Besides conventional medical ways and processes, Doctor Bordenave inspires and gives his guidance through an extensive range of processes intended to cure the entire individual. These vary from more familiar alternative treatments like acupuncture, relaxation methods, or aromatherapy, to physical/cerebral disciplines like tai-chi or chi-gong, and involving personal explorations via art therapy or journaling. The doctor's entire person methods combine traditional medicinal, holistic, and harmonizing ways to attain ideal wellness and perfect health.

Reliable Medical Data

Florida Cardiology and Internal Medicine

Doctor Bordenave comes from a history full of illustrious doctors and has kept up their work, getting board certified in internal medicine with specialties in invasive, clinical, and nuclear forms of cardiology. He has handled many things such as diagnostic processes like ECGs or echocardiograms, as well as counseling someone on their diet and helping take care of a heart problem. The people of Florida trust picked Doctor Bordenave for medical data related to Coronary artery disease in Florida pick.

Alternative Treatments in Florida

Doctor Bordenave believes doctors should meet their patients' needs by not only healing their injuries, but also by using whatever alternative medicine treatment methods are available that can aid them. Therefore, he has augmented his medical training through studying alternative therapy and methods to achieving perfect health and total wellness, appraising their efficiency, and integrating them to use in his office if they were shown to work. The doctor's patients include everyone from Hollywood stars to your next door neighbor and all of them trust his skills and professionalism, and believe that the advice and medical data he gives them is centered on real research and real discoveries. Floridians everywhere go to him for professional medical info on topics like diets, having a healthy heart, being physically healthy, reducing stress, getting more of a work/home balance and more.

If you live in Florida, call Doctor Bordenave for all of your Integrative Medicine, General Internal Medicine, and Heart Issue needs immediately at 305-446-2444 to discovery what countless other people now know, that he can aid them in being healthier, cheerier, and to live a more fulfilled life.

Florida Universal Internal Medicine

This website hosts Doctor Bordenave, the extremely gifted and dependable cardiologist in the state of Florida. He can complete preventative methods or truly treat a multiple amount of the various types of heart problems:

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